– This needs to be done on your PC. Don’t do it on Roku.
– You need vpn to create US roku account. If you don’t have any. Click below to sign up for Trickbyte vpn

1. Log in to https://owner.roku.com/Login  and unlink your Roku device from your current account. Then log out.
2. Turn on vpn on your pc and set country to US

3. Register a new account with another email address.
4. At billing address, you have to choose United States as your country and you need credit card. If your credit card is not applicable. You need to sign up for virtual us credit card at http://www.entropay.com
5. Fill in a fake US address. If you can’t make up one, try http://www.fakenamegenerator.com
6. Turn on your Roku and reset it.

– 1. From the Home screen, press Up to activate the Menu Bar.
– 2. Select Settings
– 3. Select Factory Reset
– 4. Select Factory Reset again
– 5. Select Yes

6. Go back to your pc. Link your Roku to a new account by going to https://owner.roku.com/link
7. Once your Roku is activated go to Channel Store to get new channels.