Before proceed, Make sure you have supported apps already. If you don’t have it yet. Please read How to download Netflix and US app outside USA

1. Pull down top menu by swipe down from the top. Then click on Wireless

2. Tap on wifi network you connected. Write down your ip address

3. Press and hold on network you connected then tap on Advance Settings

4. Tick for Use Static IP

5. – Enter ip from step 2 in ip address box
– Enter your router ip. For example if your ip from step 2 is then your router ip is
– Enter for subnet mask
– Enter one of trickbyte dns in DNS1
– Enter one of trickbyte dns in DNS2 (not neccessary)

Click here to see latest Trickbyte dns ip

6. Login to client area to update your ip

Note: You need to authorize your ip every time your ip has changed. To authorize your ip, sign in once to client area at then click “update ip” at the top.