1. Click the Apple Menu in the upper left corner

2. Click on System Preferences

3 In the System Preferences window, click Network

4. Click + to add a new connection.

5. In the following prompt, for Interface: select VPN

6. In the VPN Type:, select PPTP

7. In the Service Name: field, enter Trickbyte vpn

8. Click Create

9. In the Server Address: field, enter Trickbyte server address For example, nl-am2-smart.serverlocation.co

10. In the Account Name: field, enter your supplied username

11. Make sure Encryption: is set to Automatic (128 bit or 40 bit)

12. Click Authentication Settings

13. In the Password: field, enter your supplied password

14. Click Ok

15. Click the Advanced button

16. Make sure to select Send all traffic over VPN connection

17. Click Connect