In order to access Netflix, you need to forward google dns to Trickbyte dns. Read more information here

To change DNS settings and connect to our system from Android 2.x device you can do following:

1. Settings –> Wireless and Networks –> Wi-Fi settings




2. Menu > Advanced


3. Tick “Static IP”

4. Copy current IP address (few lines above) to IP address field


5. Set Gateway as router IP (usually the same as current IP except last number is .1, e.g., if your phone IP then router’s likely

6. Set Netmask (sometimes it’s different, but you should already know what to do if it is)

7. Set DNS 1 and DNS 2 with DNS IP below

Click here to see latest Trickbyte dns ip

8. Menu > “Save”

9. Restart your phone (power cycle).

10. Verify configuration on our client area

You can do this on your pc if they are in same network.

Note: You need to authorize your ip every time your ip has changed. To authorize your ip, sign in once to client area at