1. Select Wii option at the bottom left.
2. Wii setting
3. Go to Wii system settings page 2
4. Select Internet
5. Select Connection Settings
6. Select connection that you currently use.
7. Auto-Optain IP Address –> Yes
8. Go to next page.
9. Auto-Optain DNS –> No
10. Enter Trickbyte dns IP  and confirm.

Click here to see latest Trickbyte dns ip

11. Then go to country.
12. Change country to United States for NTSC Wii or change your country to United Kingdom For Pal
13. Go to web browser and log in to our client area for authorizing your ip

Note: You need to authorize your ip every time your ip has changed. To authorize your ip, sign in once to client area at http://www.trickbyte.com/signin then click “update ip” at the top.