We have to admit that dns has too many limitation. Even you get original speed but there are disadvantage.

  1. DNS doesn’t work with many ISP – This is the major issue. Especailly ISP with transparent proxy, many ISP starts to apply it more and more everyday. Even you found your isp works with dns today. It may not work tomorrow.
  2. DNS doesn’t work with Hotel wifi – Many users live overseas and use hotel/public wifi. They are not compatible with dns.
  3. DNS doesn’t work with device/app that have public dns embeded – For example. Netflix on Roku 3/Samsung tv/Android, Chromecast, Dishworld. You have to block public dns on your router to make it works and it’s way to complicated.
  4. DNS doesn’t unblock unsupported websites – you can access unsupported websites right away with vpn.

VPN can get rid of those issue above.