If you have dd-wrt router or tomato router, you can use cron feature to auto update your ip.

1. Login to client area and go to auto update ip menu

2. Grab Auto update url. This url is unique and don’t share with everyone.

3. Login to your router and set cron like example below

Every 15 mins
*/15 * * * * root wget -t1 “http://www.trickbyte.com/[email protected]&hash=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”;

Every hours
* /60 * * * * root wget -t1 “http://www.trickbyte.com/autoupdate.php?email=your@email.com&hash=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”;

Every 12 hours
* */12 * * * root wget  -t1 “http://www.trickbyte.com/autoupdate.php?email=your@email.com&hash=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”;

Note: Do not run it too often like every minute, otherwise, you ip might get blocked